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Welcome to the Chocolat Auberge Club! Now you can experience new and exciting flavours every month with a subscription to the Chocolat Auberge Club. Each month, you will be sent a pack containing 24 chocolates, tasting notes, recipe ideas and more, delivered right to your door. Packs arrive in a box that fits through a standard letter box.

Membership includes:

Box of 24 chocolates every month

Great opportunity to try new and exciting flavours

Tasting notes, recipe ideas and newsletter in every pack

Auberge voucher in every pack

3 months subscription



6 months subscription



12 months subscription


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Featured Chocolates

Art Teacher

Milk Chocolate Sqaure decorated in white chocolate. Prefer dark - just put D in text box. Need a lot - scroll down to multi buy.


Chocolate tools

A real fun item! Handmade chocolate tools - please specify screwdriver(SD) spanner(S), hammer(H), saw(SW), plyers(P) & milk(M) or dark(D) - in the textbox


No image available

Dark Chocolate Pack

Take advantage of our bulk buy offer with a pack of all our rich dark chocolate cafe bars Contains: Orange, Salty, Mint and Chilli (contain soya lecithin) Ingredients. click here for all ingredients weight 4x45g     Nutrition.  


Square Chocolate Apple

A milk chocolate apple decorated in red and outlined in white chocolate. A great gift for a teacher! Ingredients: fairtrade milk chocolate (36.3%), white chocolate, soya lecithin.