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Classical white stiletto (03)

Pattern also available in pink, blue,or green - specify your choice in the text box. Prefer milk or dark chocolate thats  M or  D in the text box   (14cm) Ingredients :- white chocolate (milk) colour, Soya Lecithin weight:-195g


Strawberry Fizz



Chelsea Football Bear

This delicious Chelsea Football bear has been hand crafted from creamy Fairtrade milk chocolate and is perfect for any fan of Chelsea. ingredients-Fairtrade milk chocolate 33.6%, white chocolate,colour, Soya Lecithin weight:-77g


dark Christmas bar

Delicious rich dark Fairtrade chocolate bar full of the tasts of Christmas. Christmas spices such as cinnamon & cloves give the bar a lovely festive taste..Walnuts, orange peel and cranberries are scattered over the bar to give it a scrumptious appearence. The bar is packaged in a red & gold box making it an ideal Christmas gift - remember to buy extra for you to eat!.Great Taste Award Winner Ingredients:-Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, cinnamon, cloves, walnuts, orange peels, cranberries, colour, soy lecithin Weight: 100g