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Featured Chocolates

24 Chocolate Box DF

Flavours vary but all are delicious - watch for the award winning  "Cranberry & Vodka."! For ingredients details use "ingredients" link (335g)


Large Floral Champagne Bottle

Prefer dark -D in textbook. Add a message. Ingredients:-Fairtrade milk chocolate36.3%, fairtrade white chocolate, colour, soya lecithin Weight: 330g


luxury orange hot chocolate

These rich dark chocolate discs are infused with orange oil. Simply dissolve a couple of discs in a little bit of boiling water and add hot frothy milk to taste. ingredients:-Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, orange oil, candied orange, soy lecithin Weight: 90g


Dark salty chocolate 70%

Crisp white flakes of sea salt add a new dimension- Sweet and salty! Ingredients:-Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, salt,  soya lecithin Weight: 90g