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Featured Chocolates

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Congratulations Bar

A delicious celebratory milk chocolate bar. 


Christmas message bars

Rectangular- shaped bars featuring a festive message (280g) Tree –C26 Robin –C27 Stocking –C28 Note- price applies per bar Ingrediants- Milk chocolate (soya)


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Dark Chocolate Pack

Take advantage of our bulk buy offer with a pack of all our rich dark chocolate cafe bars Contains: Orange, Salty, Mint and Chilli (contain soya lecithin) Ingredients. click here for all ingredients weight 4x45g     Nutrition.  


100% Madagascan bar

100% organic, Madagascan bar - deliciously fruity! Ingredients:-100% organic Madagascan chocolate Weight: 45g Double GOLD Great Taste Award winner 2016 !     Nutrition.