Chick egg

A "chirpy" chick wishes you a Happy Easter with this handmade, creamy, Fairtrade milk chocolate egg. Make it personal by adding a name. Should you prefer rich dark chocolate put a "D" in the text box. Egg is filled with chocolate buttons Ingredients:Fairtrade milk 33.6% & white chocolate, colour.  Contains Soya Lecithin


Easter Bar

A fun Easter bar! Weight: 105g Ingredients: Milk & white chocolate. Contains soya.


10 Easter Shapes

10 easter animal shapes made from delicious, creamy, Fairtrade,milk chocolate Weight: 109g Ingredients: Milk chocolate. Contains soya.


Dinosaur egg

These cracking dinosaur eggs are ready to hatch to reveal a little surprise! Treat your little ones to an unforgettable easter treat. Available in Milk (M) Dark (D) White (W) Ingredients:- Fairtrade milk33.6% & white chocolate,colours Soya Lecithin



"Snowy Rabbit"

Get your loved-ones hopping with Easter spirit this spring. This beautiful hand crafted creamy white chocolate bunny is lovingly made with Fairtrade chocolate. Ingredients;- Fairtrade white, & milk3.6% chocolate, colour, Soya Lecithin


cute dark chocolate bunny

A rich dark chocolate bunny decorated with hand painted watchful eyes and a creamy white chocolate cotton tail. Why not add a message & make it personal. Ingredients:- Fiartrade dark 70% & white (milk) chocolate, Soya Lecithin


Cafe Bar Collection

A delicious collection of bars, made for sharing. There are 3 milk bars & 3 dark so all tastes are covered! Contains soya Weight: 6x45g bars Ingredients: 3 dark chocolate - orange (GTA), salty, chilli & 3 milk chocolate - strawberry fizz, rasberry swirl & ornage


Flat Easter Egg!

An exciting alternative to the traditional egg. Three creamy milk bars, two of which have white chocolate eggs & the middle bar has a white rabbit. Ideal gift for posting! Ingredients:- Fairtrade milk33.6%, & white chocolate, soya lecithin weight:- 325g  



swirled egg

This egg is such fun - there are bright coloured spirals on the outside & a bag of bright patterned discs on the inside ingred:- dark & white chocolate, colour Contains milk & soya


Easter chocolate selection

This selection tastes as good as it looks! It contains champagne, vanilla, whisky & praline - half the chocolates are milk & half dark - so there is something for everyone weight - 125g


Truffle egg selection

Delicous egglets - some white, some milk & some dark but all containg a mouthwatering praline! weight 165g


Penquin egg

This cute penguin is determined to cheerfully carry winter into spring this easter. He is hand decorated with creamy white and vibrant coloured chocolate detail.  Inside you'll discover some huge dark orange chocolate discs. Ingredients:- Fairtrade dark 70% & white (milk) chocolate, colour, Soya Lecithin



Mrs Owl

This cute hand decorated milk chocolate owl is ready to join your nest of goodies this easter. Inside you'll find another chocolate owl!  Ingredients:- Fairtrade milk 33.6%, & white chocolate colour,  Soya Lecithin


Medium egg

A melt in the mouth individual hand decorated Easter egg. Choose from “chirpy chicks (c) , or(f) enchanting flowers”. Why not add the name of a loved one for that special personal touch? D if you prefer dark Make it more personal by adding a name. Ingredients:- Fairtrademilk 33.6%  & white chocolate, colour  and Soya Lecithin


Praline Egglets

Great Taste Award winning, milk chocolate egglets filled with delicious praline make this a perfect Easter gift. Weight: 130g Ingredients: Milk chcolate, cream, praline Amerelte. Contains soya.


Salty Caramel Egglets

Double Gold Great Taste Award Winner, these egglets are really amazing. Great Easter gift made for sharing but who is going to! Weight: 130g Ingredients: Dark chocolate, sugar, cream, butter, liquid glucose & sea salt flakes. Contains soya.



Ginger Caramel Egglets

Delicious ginger caramel enrobed in rich dark chocolate, makes these egglets a definate winner! Weight: 130g Ingredients: Dark chocolat, sugar, cream, butter & liguid glucose & stem ginger. Contains soya


Dairy free/vegan Egglets

New line to join our range of egglets - these ones are Dairy-free/Vegan but you don't need to be either to enjoy them! Featuring award winning Cranberry & Vodka


large boxed egg with tray of chocolates

This mouth watering large egg comes complete with a scrumptious tray of assorted chocolates. Beautifully wrapped and crafted with fairtrade chocolate. Please specify in the text box whether you would like Milk (M) or Dark (D) chocolate. Add a message. Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin.