Great Taste

2014 - double gold for salt and spice careamel. as well as double gold for colombia 85%.

2014 - Gold for Rooibos & almond.

2013 - Double gold for Dark Ginger 70% Chocolat bar

2013 -  gold for Aztect chocolat.


2013 - gold for Dark orange Chocolate Bar

2013 - Gold for Lavendar.

2012 - gold for Vanilla

2010 - gold for Grey Gouse and another for our Rose Champ.

2009 - double gold for our white truffle.


Academy of Chocolate Awards

2011 silver for Cranberry & Vodka - a delicious dairy-free chocolate. 

2011 bronze awards for "Salty Nutty Caramel", "Almond Velvet", & "Ghana Truffle"

2009 - “Rosemary & Thyme” -silver-

Ice cream:

Great Taste

2014 - Passion Fruit Ice Cream.

2013 -  Gold for Creme Caramel Ice Cream

2013 - Gold for Passion Fruit Ice Cream.

2013 - Double gold for Honeycomb Frozen low fat Yoghurt



Featured Chocolates

Mr Scholar bear

This delicious scholar bear has been hand crafted from solid creamy milk Fairtrade chocolate. Ingredients:Fairtrade milk Chocolate 33.6%, white chocolate, colour, Soya Lecithin Weight: 70g


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250g Ghana milk chocolate truffles

Award winning truffle created from from Ghanaian Forastero & Trinitario beans which are exquisitely merged to produce a very fruity flavour with a strongly pronounced cocoa taste  It's creamy texture makes it just melt in the mouth.  Ingredients:- Ghanaiann Milk Chocolate40.5%, cream, soya lecithin weight - 250g  


Football & boot

Dad will really get a kick out of this! Handmade from delicous creamy Fairtrade milk chocolate. If Dad prefers rich dark chocolate put  "D" in the custom box. Why not personalise it to make it extra special for your Dad this Father's Day!  Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin


Message Bar

Hand made message bars made from a hefty amount of chocolate. These bars are available in either milk or dark chocolate which makes these bars the perfect gift for a true chocoholic. Use the custom text box below to add your own personal messageand to specify the type of chocolate you,  'M' for Milk or 'D' for Dark in the custom box. Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin